Exciting shows await guests who select Barut Lara for their holiday!

Our 2018 event calendar, including performances from all around the world, will surprise and delight you.

Barut Lara invites guests to a visual and aural feast: Magnificent shows include ‘Fire of Anatolia’ – Turkey’s most outstanding dance community; ‘Diamond Dolls’ - consisting solely of female dancers and acrobats; ‘Starwalker’ – consisting of 25 talented dancers with shimmering costumes and accessories like Michael Jackson’s; ‘Fairytale’ – which combines special costumes with a visual feast; and ‘Action Street’ – a unique show highlighting different styles of dance and music.

With the Stylish-All concept, book your place at Barut Lara for more stylish entertainment, more exclusive experiences and a more delightful holiday. Exclusive experiences and unforgettable moments are waiting for you at Barut Lara with All-Inclusive options.


Our guests who use the holiday selection for Barut Lara and the giant shows are waiting for the stage during the holidays. Our 2018 event calendar, where special events take place, will surprise you with performances from around the world. Turkey's most important Anatolian fire of the dance troupe, composed only of the female dancers and acrobats' 'Diamond Dolls', special makeup and with a special dance show with acrobatics concept of' Asterix ', 25 talented dancers Michael on stage with glittering costumes and accessories Jackson winds 'Starwalker' invites Barut Lara guests to a visual and auditory festival with '' Fairytale '' which combines specially designed costumes with a visual feast, '' Action Street '' which is a unique show with different music styles and dance genres. With the Stylish-All concept, you can also share your style for more style shows, more exclusive experiences and a more enjoyable holiday at Barut Lara. Special experiences and unforgettable moments are waiting for you at Barut Lara with all inclusive holiday options.