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Experience a more relaxed holiday experience, with creative sports facilities in world-class gyms.

Wooden Gym

Turkey's first outdoor fitness experience, Woodsman Fitness welcomes Lara Barut Collection guests. Specially designed for adult guests, the area offers an opportunity to move your sporting pleasure to a new dimension with natural equipment made of wood.

LOL Club

LOL Club, a special area for young people aged 13-18 years, pushes the limits of entertainment with a wide range of activities such as PlayStation, table football, table tennis, darts and billiards, as well as karaoke, graffiti and foam parties.


A unique yoga experience awaits you within Lara Barut Collection's most peaceful areas.


Billiard matches promise delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday. *Paid


You don’t need to give up your training during your holiday, thanks to three outdoor tennis courts (quartz and tartan floors). Rackets and balls are offered free of charge at the courts, where evening lighting is also available.

Fitness Hall

Have a healthy holiday - on your own or with a personal trainer - at the indoor fitness centre equipped with state-of-the-art fitness and cardio equipment.

Aqua Gym

At the Aqua Gym - one of the most unique features at Lara Barut Collection - feel the healing and relaxing effect of water while exercising in the pool.

Mini Golf

The pirate-themed mini golf course, with nine different stations, hosts both fun and quality time. Honeysuckle blooms dotting the golf course infuse your games with their sweet fragrance.

Fresh Park

Although it is intended for children, the Fresh Park, located in the open area next to the activity pool and water slides, also offers a pleasant experience for adult guests.

Kids Playground

Lara Barut Collection, a child-friendly hotel, promises endless activities and fun for all children throughout their holiday. Children enjoy privileges in a special area designated just for them.

Multi-Purpose Court

Energy, fitness and fun never end on multi-purpose courts offering games such as football, basketball and handball.

Kids Playground - Beach

Children are thrilled to make new discoveries in the playground, located on a wide area with a stunning view of the Mediterranean.

Jogging Path

Guests who enjoy walking, jogging or simply wish to feel fitter, healthier and more refreshed can enjoy the approximately 1,600m track surrounding the hotel.

Water Slides

With five water slides in the privileged world of Lara Barut Collection, guests are set for an adventurous journey. Three of the slides provide fun for adults, and two are for children.

Squash Court

Raise your energy with squash, an elegant game in the privileged world of Lara Barut Collection. On the squash court, where evening lighting is available, all equipment is offered free of charge.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean is a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Air Rifle

For guests who seek a different experience on their holiday, you can engage in safe shooting in the air rifle area, following a training session from professional instructors.


At Lara Barut Collection, where you can enjoy every moment of the day during your holiday, you can also enjoy hitting the bull's-eye during an archery session.

Game Hall

The Game Hall provides guests with excellent opportunities to socialize with card games, rummikub and backgammon.

Table Tennis

Pleasant times and entertaining competitions add movement to your holiday with your loved ones. Table tennis events at Lara Barut Collection await you.


A delightful game originating in Italy, boccia offers a lively new experience amid the intriguing nature of Lara Barut Collection.


The badminton court at Lara Barut Collection promises fun and excitement for badminton lovers.


Darts tournaments, just one of the entertaining activities you can enjoy throughout your holiday, lead to lots of fun and lively competitions.

Street Basketball

Street basketball, with rules determined by reinterpreting traditional basketball, offers a different experience in the colourful nature of Lara Barut Collection.

Spor Academy

Wellfit Club, located in the privileged outdoor areas of Lara Barut Collection, offers a range of outdoor fitness activities such as boxing bags, climbing ropes and pull-up tools.
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