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Make your skin happy with a range of therapeutic treatments.

Renew your energy

Renew your mind and your body with professional therapists practicing the world's most renowned techniques. With the privilege of Collection, you can experience special massage services until midnight.

Featured Massages

Mitt and Foam Massage

Removes the toxins and dead cells from the body, opens the pores, lets skin breathe and adds to vitality.

Classic Massages (Local)

Applied especially for issues such as back and shoulder pain, tension, muscle pain.

Cellulite Massage and Tightening

Provides acceleration of blood circulation; minimizes water retention; helps remove cellulite by tightening the bond tissue.

Hot Stone Therapy

Applied by placing heated volcanic stones on certain points of the body with a special technique. The process generates a feeling of purification and relaxation.

Lymph Drainage

Massage performed by soft manipulation of the lymphatic pathways. Regulates blood circulation and helps to eliminate oedema in the body.

Sports Massage

A deep muscle massage, applied with strong, rapid strokes.

Bronze Massage

Applied with a blend of cocoa and carrot oil, providing a permanent and natural tan.

Aromatherapy Massage

Applied with special natural massage oils. An ideal massage for relaxation.

Special Therapies

Renew your energy with special therapies featuring the most exclusive examples of the Far East's traditional and modern therapeutic & wellness philosophies.

Featured Therapies

Thai Massage

An oil-free massage that relieves muscles and joints by accelerating blood circulation and allowing the flow of energy in the body, thanks to effective pressure on energy points and yoga stretching movements.

Ayurveda Massages

One of the oldest medical systems known to humankind, Ayurveda originated in India. The word Ayur (life) and Veda (science) mean ‘life science’. The most important feature of this massage is that it considers the human body and mind in a holistic manner. Abhyanga (body massage), Shirodhara (special head massage), Shiroabhyanga (full body massage)


An energy balancing massage applied with fingertips on the body's energy points.

Indian Head Massage

Applied to the head, neck and shoulders, it is especially effective in cases of insomnia, headache and migraine.


Utilised by the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese, this massage balances the flow of energy by applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet.

Traditional Balinese Massage

This massage uses effective pressures on the body’s energy points, along with soft strokes and stretching movements. It ensures the balancing of all the body’s energy centres and the integration of the entire internal system. Muscle tension is removed, the energy level rises, and both body and mind experience extraordinary relief.

Skin Care

Let your skin breathe with a skin massage that utilises products tailored to your skin's structure and needs.

Body Care

Restructures and revitalizes your skin by cleansing, moisturizing, balancing, detoxing, thinning, tightening and anti-cellulite applications.

Package Programs

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