Our hygiene certificates and the hygiene practices, being implemented by us within the organization of our enterprise due to the Covid-19, are accessible through here.

We changed all our beds to offer you a comfortable sleeping experience

We changed all our beds to offer you a comfortable sleeping experience

We changed all our beds with the ones preferred by the global giant hotel chains. All our high-end orthopedic beds are now much higher, healthier and completely new. We increased the height of all our beds from 22 cm to 32 cm at our hotel. This will also increase the quality of your sleeping experience even higher.

Designed to create the basis for an ideal sleeping experience with its uninterrupted Multispring system and extra soft Hyper Soft mattress texture, California spring bed offers you the opportunity to get relaxed from head to toe. Once you sleep on our beds preferred by the leading hotel chains, you'll make a happy and energetic start to the new day.

Mira-Coil Spring
This is the one with the highest number of springs among the spring systems. It will support your body without subject to any deterioration over years while providing the effect of spring in full measure thanks to its uninterrupted spring texture. It can perceive different weight points perfectly, helping for relaxation of muscles and acceleration of blood circulation. It prorates the weight on the entire bed, enabling you to feel relaxed in all sleeping positions.

Hypoallergenic Fabric
The high-end, long-lasting, hypoallergenic fabric prevents formation of any microorganisms inside the bed, providing you a healthy environment for sleeping.

Our 230-cm long beds are waiting for you to have long hours of sleeping
Considering our highly tall guests, we placed 230-cm long beds in some rooms. After having longs hours of sleeping on our long beds not as big as a football pitch, you'll wake up completely relaxed and make an energetic start to the new day. Please contact the reception to make a reservation for these rooms equipped with special beds in limited numbers. Have a pleasant sleeping experience.

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