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New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant

New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
New fine-dining A'la Carte restaurant
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A'la Carte

Other Restaurants & Bars

Open Buffet, Main Restaurant
Zestful Bazaar
Offering an unlimited dining experience with Collection privileges, Zestful Bazaar hosts a unique feast of flavour with dishes from Turkish and international cuisines...
À La Carte Regional Antalya Cuisine
Tirmis À La Carte Restaurant
Named for a healthy legume specific to Antalya, Tirmis offers regional and local dishes, in addition to Antalya specialties such as hibes, pumpkin dessert with tahini...
À La Carte Mediterranean Cuisine
Akdeniz Fine Dining Restaurant
Akdeniz, one of the most popular restaurants at Lara Barut Collection, brings you the most outstanding flavours in Mediterranean cuisine. The stylish restaurant deliv...
À La Carte Mangal Restaurant
BBQ À La Carte Restaurant
Experience grills at their most delicious at Mangal Restaurant, where you can dine amid the evening beauty of the Mediterranean. In the restaurant, set in the lawns o...
À La Carte Turkish Cuisine
Kuyu À La Carte Restaurant
Featuring a range of modern and traditional Turkish dishes, Kuyu Restaurant offers a splendid dining experience throughout your holiday. The traditional Well-Lamb Ke...
À La Carte Seafood
Sandal À La Carte Restaurant
Sandal Restaurant, presenting unique seafood feasts at Lara Barut Collection, brings together the freshest flavours of the season with a special gourmet fish menu. Pr...
À La Carte Italian Cuisine
Pizzeria Di Laura À La Carte Restaurant
Serving Napolitan-style pizzas and exclusive flavours from Italian cuisine, Pizzeria di Laura offers an unlimited dining experience with Collection privileges. Indulg...
À La Carte World Cuisine
Turunç All-Day Dining À La Carte Restaurant
Featuring unique flavours from international cuisines and the Mediterranean coast, Turunç Restaurant offers a dining experience that will stimulate all your senses. E...
À La Carte Far East Cuisine
Iro Sushi Bar
Iro Sushi Bar presents delicacies from the Far East with special interpretations by our master chefs. With a menu that includes sushi varieties, Chinese-style raviol...
Snack Restaurant
Hungry Gorilla Grab N Go
Hungry Gorilla Grab N Go, located near the pool, starts serving at noon with delicious and fresh snacks. In addition to options such as Japanese panca...
Snack Restaurant
Sandal Snack Restaurant
Sandal Snack Restaurant, located on the green lawn by the sea, adds flavour to your holiday with fresh, delicious snacks. Take a pleasant break at the restaurant, off...
Coffee, Cake, Handmade Chocolate and Ice Cream
Hanımeli Patisserie
Drawing guests in with the fragrant aroma of freshly baked cakes, Hanımeli Patisserie offers a sumptuous menu of cookies, pastries, confectionery, chocolates, muffins...
Lobby Bar - The Çay Room
The Çay Room
Enjoy an unlimited beverage experience with tea-based cocktails by Ole Buddrus, prepared especially for Lara Barut Collection The Çay Room features an expansive ter...
Pool Bar
Meltem Pool Bar
Serving throughout the day, the bar enhances your holiday with refreshing drinks, a rich drink selection and unique cocktails. Enjoy Collection privileges at the bar,...
Majo Bar
Majo Beach Club
The bar features a charming Mediterranean view and, offers many local and foreign, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks that will add distinct pleasure to your holiday....
Coctail Bar
Yasemin Bar
Located next to the activity-animation pool, Yasemin Bar serves refreshing drinks and other alternatives to guests who want to cool down. At the bar, set on an expan...
Night Club
Du Du Mango
Du Du Mango is located just downstairs of the lobby. This brand-new venue will be at your disposal in late 2019. Du Du Mango is gearing up to be the indispensable mee...
Pavilion Bar
Pavilion Bar
The distinctive Pavilion Bar features unique presentations prepared with world brands. Enjoy the privileges of Collection with a variety of local and foreign alcoholi...
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