Bayou Villas

24 private villas of 4 different types on a privileged area of 25.000 m².

Step into a world with no limits in the villas designed with refined tastes!

Offering a brand-new accommodation experience full of privileges, Bayou Villas is located on a wide area of 25,000 m², adorned with the unique beauties of the Mediterranean. Consisting of 24 private villas of 4 different types, Bayou Villas gives the opportunity for an isolated vacation with its private garden and 2 pools.

Add a brand-new touch to your vacation with spaces and services exclusively for you at Bayou Villas, making you feel the luxury in every detail. With Collection concept, you can enjoy hotel services any time you wish and take your vacation into a world with no limits.

The area of Bayou Villas with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom(s) ranges from 245 m² and 983 m².

A stylish vacation experience is waiting for you at Bayou Villas, designed with modern details.


Privileges of Bayou Villas

246 m²
Bayou Villa with One Bedroom
Enjoy the peaceful areas designed exclusively for you in the villa opening to lush green nature surrounded by the miraculous beauties of the Mediterranean.
502 m²
Bayou Villa with 2 Bedrooms
Featuring privileges, diligence and peace in every detail, this villa offers a world with no limits through exciting experiences.
693 m²
Bayou Villa with 3 Bedrooms
Located at the heart of blue and green in perfect harmony with the unique nature of the Mediterranean, this villa has been thoroughly designed for a stylish accommodation experience.
983 m²
Bayou Villa with 4 Bedrooms
You will redefine luxury and comfort in this villa standing out with its modern architecture, private pool and living spaces designed with refined tastes.
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